Rebecca has always been a self-achiever, always strived to be more, to do more, the effects of an over-achieving father. She runs her own business, lives in one of the most beautiful cities in the world and as far as she is concerned lives a good life.

That is until she meets Ben. Enigmatic, mysterious Ben, who literally sweeps her away into a world of magic, danger and downright craziness. Ben explains that he has been tracking her for quite some time and reveals to her the truth about her parents and what had been kept from her from birth.

Rebecca discovers that she has been born with supernatural powers that enable her to move or teleport herself from one place to another. If that wasn’t enough she is able to move or shift herself, as they call it, into other time zones. Rebecca is a Shifter and soon she comes to realise that she is part of an ever growing species of people who all can move as she does.

Just as Rebecca is beginning to enjoy these newly found powers she is whisked away again by Ben to a safer place as she is being followed by Seekers, a group of people whose main aim is to stop the Shifters and ultimately eliminate them.

Rebecca meets Ben’s long time friends and fellow Shifters. There is Jesse, devastatingly good looking, charming and full of laughs, who teaches her the finer art of shifting while moving. She meets Georgia, the sexy, brunette with an attitude, home-grown in Atlanta and very good at shift-fighting. Her favourite is Anna, who looks like a little pixie with shocking white cropped hair and as flighty as a bird. Rebecca is thrown into a whirlwind world where she learns how to hone her skills and discovers that she has more to offer than she thought to this eccentric group.

As Rebecca starts to learn more about her past and her newly found gift, she also starts to fall in love with Ben. Together they embark on an action packed race to save themselves and their kind.

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The Shifters is now available as an eBook as well as hard and soft covers.