The Architects

Lisa Bell


Writing came naturally to Lisa from a young age, and what started as a way to express herself and live out her imaginative stories, now finds her running and growing her writing agency with precision order and skilful creativity. Although her passion still lies in Ghostwriting and creating non-fiction stories, she loves to build brands one word at a time. No matter what words are needed, Lisa can craft according to your needs.

Krystin Morgenrood


With a love for creating from scratch, Krystin has a natural flair for designing with graphics. Her skill set extends to full brand stories, social media imagery, corporate stationery, professional and personal brand packages and website design.

Angie Fraenkel


With a natural tendency to want everything perfect, Angie’s organisational skills and ‘get it done’ approach is what makes her the happiest. So, with that in mind, she has channeled that into her working environment and it has allowed her to do any task with zest and accuracy.  Angie is adept at sorting data and any remote-style task which you cannot or do not want to get to. Angie is the perfect Virtual Assistant.

Heine Bunge


Heine Bunge is the co-founder of Her Heiness, a full service digital marketing agency based in Cape Town and friend of The Word Architect. In the digital world, your website is your business card. Her Heiness offers both template and custom built front and backend web and mobile app development solutions that are fully responsive and affordable.

Emanuel Ferreira


Emanuel Ferreira is Heine’s side kick and business partner in crime. His passion for visual storytelling stems from his love for pop culture, music videos and his 14 year sentence in the local film production services industry. He lives by the Ogilvy mantra “If it’s not selling, it isn’t creative” providing Creative Direction to brands, campaigns as well as individual profiles.

Tamsin Kolbe


She has more than 10 years’ worth of marketing experience, which led her to focus on the digital space. She believes in small and medium businesses and their ability to become the driving force which will change the South African economy. She focuses on developing strategy plans based on a business’s goals and target markets, and where the target markets are spending time online.

Marike Herselman


With a personal approach, Marike believes in the honest connection between photographer and subject aiming to capture the sincerity and beauty of that particular moment. Her passion lies in human psychology and the true expressions that await motivates her every day.

Anna Nel


Anna is a highly skilled videographer, who has studied BA Visual Communications, and has worked on various projects alongside The Word Architect. Anna loves to work on a wide range of subject matters from big events to social media content.




Bryan Douglas-Henry


Bryan brings a wealth of technical knowledge and automation experience to the team, with over 20 years experience in the South African Healthcare industry as a business systems integration architect. His role with The Word Architect team, is to implement automated systems that streamline the customer’s journey from initial contact, through to writing a raving review.

Shannon Latimer


After editing for a prominent SA lifestyle magazine for 12 years, Shannon has since moved into freelancing, all the while juggling kids, a husband, and a household. The drive to create gets her up in the morning – from writing and editing, to designing brochures for mompreneur friends, to teaching herself new macrame knotting techniques.

Collette Merritt


Collette is passionate about life, people and words, she divides her time between coaching work and writing, where she flirts with fantasy and fiction, indulging in unspoken secrets … all before parent/teacher meetings.  Collette is devoted to good coffee, quality chocolate, exciting travel, great food, better wine, wonderful experiences, fabulous friends, phenomenal family and every now and then she indulges her not-so-secret delight of all thing’s bling!

Henri Nieuwoudt


After completing his master’s degree in Afrikaans and Dutch literature, Henri jumped right into the deep end of publishing and started his editing career as a copy editor at South Africa’s biggest Christian publishing house. Curiosity and a profuse passion for communicating led him to do various internships at established publishing houses across the country and working abroad as a fine arts facilitator, expanding his knowledge of arts along the way.