Claire Gibson

I must admit that I am not normally one for picking up a fantasy book – but am always willing to try something new. On opening the book I was more than pleasantly surprised, and was quickly taken into Rebecca’s world of excitement and supernatural intrigue.

Rebecca is an over-achiever who is in control of everything in her life. Until she meets Ben. Her world is then turned completely upside down and she finds herself in an adventure beyond all reason or comprehension. With her newly acquired “shifting” skills and powers, and with the help of enigmatic Ben and fellow shifters, she quickly steps up to the plate and becomes involved in a dangerous journey that takes her to new limits emotionally and physically.

The book is fast paced and action packed, and I enjoyed the quirky characters that we are introduced to along the way. It was a great escape from reality, and I look forward to reading what Rebecca gets up to in the sequel.

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