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  • Content may be king but wasting words isn’t going to land you the queen

    You are about three sentences deep when you slam your laptop cover down, fall back into your chair and seal your arms across your chest with a huff. Surely, people have learned how to write engaging and enticing content nowadays? Surely, everyone understands that in order to hook the reader in you have to make […]

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  • Copy, anyone?

    But, what is copy? It is an odd word, because the true definition of copy, is the replication of something or to make a replication of something. So, when referring to written copy, do we mean that it’s a replication of other writing, other copy? Sure, sometimes it is, but to avoid plagiarism, one can […]

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  • Why Blogging is the Bomb

    Maybe you blog, maybe you don’t, but perhaps this will get your interest peaked again, or at least get you started. Blogging can bring endless benefits and we will explore a few of them right here. #1. RANK HIGHER ON SEARCH ENGINES Stats show that you can increase your chances of being seen more and […]

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  • Sculpting a Great Website

    What makes for a great website? There are many opinions out there, and most revolve around the visual appeal. But, there are many more aspects that make for a great website. Here is my opinion on how to sculpt a great website. EASY DOES IT Have you ever popped onto a website, excited to find […]

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  • The Etiquette of Connecting via LinkedIn

    So, you’ve crafted the perfect profile in LinkedIn. You photo is super professional, and your credentials and history are plotted out in an easy to read manner. You are ready to start connecting with all the millions of LinkedIn users and you are ready to make some money! You search for those you know well […]

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  • 5 Benefits to good old-fashioned pen writing

    When last have you received or written an actual letter? And by written, I mean written, by hand, on actual paper? Possibly, in school, scribbling little notes to each other and handing them under the desk? Or, that love note to a boy you fancied? Today we rarely write anything, bar a few reminders on […]

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  • 5 Tips to Braving Social Media for your Business

    We know we should be out there, posting away, reaching our target audience, and marketing our businesses via the various social media platforms. But, it’s a doggy dog world, and we are always nervous of what we put online. Will my content speak to the essence of my brand? What if the world thinks I […]

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  • 5 Damn Good Reasons you need Content Marketing

    A simple reason … in a word … PEOPLE. Ask yourself this question, “Without people would your business be able to function?” More than likely the answer would be a resounding, “NO!” So, how do you bring people to your brand?  How do you get people to engage with your company and buy your product […]

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  • Why I started writing and then some…

    I had a dream. No, seriously, I really had a dream. As cliché as that sounds, it is true. Five years ago, I woke up from a crazy dream and decided to write it all down, a habit I have continued with to date. Initially you would find little pieces of paper scatted on my […]

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