Pass the Ginger

I have a theory. Okay – okay! I have plenty theories. But, the one I want to impose on you today is the theory of rebooting. Aaah, I can see your eyes begin their another-boring-computer-article roll.

But, alas, you are incorrect this time, my friend.

Yes, the rebooting I’m talking about is quite similar yet quite different to the rebooting or defragging your computer does.

As a writer, I find myself working on various projects over a period of a few days. They vary in genre, style, topic and volume, and at times I find that I struggle to move from one to the other smoothly. So, I devised a plan that was born from a theory.

The ideology is that it is important, no matter what you do in life, and especially if you wear many hats, to reboot your brain. From a domestic point of view, many move from mom to employee or business owner, then to a running or squash buddy, and back to mom. With work we are both boss and partner. Some need to be a confidant and a manager, and in between a supplier to their clients, even the client at times.

How do we move from one to the other without either getting stuck on what we were before, or even leaving a part of ourselves behind?

So, here it is.

When you go out to eat sushi, you are presented with an array of different types of sushi, from Maki to Sashimi, from California Rolls to Salmon Roses. Besides the sushi, you get your little nodule of green wasabi, a dish of ginger, some soya sauce choices and chopsticks.

For those uncultured bastards out there, no, the ginger is not to be mixed up with the sushi. You are not supposed to make a sorry sandwich with the sushi, ginger and wasabi, neatly dipped in the soya sauce. Please don’t do this!

What you are supposed to do is take a little of the ginger they provide and let it coat your tongue, before you start in on the sushi, between each different style of sushi, and after your meal. The aim of the ginger is as a pallet cleanser.

So, now that you have a lesson on the right way to attend to the ginger on your sushi platter, let me tell you how this all relates to rebooting your brain.

You need a pallet cleanser when you move from one thing to another, again whether it’s the roles you play in life or whether, like me it is from one writing