Let’s go halvies

When we were younger, as much as we wanted it all, we were often placed in a situation where we had to share, or felt obliged to.

“Let’s go halvies,” was always a favourite statement amongst friends, whether it be the Melrose samis that mom packed, the next ride on a new bike, or that very last rolo. (Yes, some people will give or at least share their very last rolo!)

Today, as adults, we rarely share. It is not that we are now selfish in any manner; it is more that we really don’t have to. But, let us think about that for a moment. Perhaps we do have to.

Full, Fuller, Fullest!


I’ve realised recently, well, in fact, knew it for a long time, that the portions of food placed in front of us, at most restaurants, are far too large. Now, some of you may roll your eyes, especially if you know me, thinking, “Gosh, I wish she would just stop putting us to shame, with her healthy eating ways and exercise hype!” Well, I hear you, but I speak from a voice of concern, not from judgement.

Most times, and it isn’t just me, after finishing off a plate of delicious food, at a local café or restaurant, I feel quite full. Not satisfied. Full! And, I do blame my mom for this a bit. (Sorry, mom) But, you always said finish everything on your plate or else! So, I did, and I do. And, it doesn’t feel good afterward, especially when that plate could have fed a small dwarf army.

So, out of an attempt to get around that engorged feeling, and because eating out was just getting way too expensive, my partner and I decided to start sharing our meals. At first, we got a few odd glances, and possibly unspoken thoughts of “cheap skates” but never the less, we did it. And, what a relief, both on the stomach and the wallet!

Now, there is that initial issue of how to divide the meal, you know, one must be fair and all, equally halving the bacon, avo, and eggs down the middle, ensuring that it is “even-stevens”, much like as a youngster.

Mugg and Bean’s stacked breakfast was a challenge, with the eggs sliding to one side, the bacon, all crispy and oily, not working well on the soft avo and hash brown, and often shooting across the floor under some unexpecting patron’s feet. (Sorry, Aunty!) But, in the end, we both ended up with a manageable and most fulfilling, but not full, after-breakfast feeling.

So, How Can We Take This Sharing Thing Further?


That Eureka moment, especially after a few lunches and breakfast shares, made me realise that this could just work in all aspects of life. The sharing and halving, that is.

Magazine Subscriptions


When you are paging through a magazine at the hairdresser, and you decide to subscribe because they really have some cool articles, why not go halvies with a friend? You could alternate between who receives the fresh new mag first each month. What a savings!


Here is another option, albeit a wee bit riskier; there is a trend to sharing your hotel room with a stranger. Yes, you heard right. The Winston Club in the USA is proposing just that. It may seem like a real no-no for obvious security and safety reasons, but they have a tight screening process and it seems to be working. The methodology behind this concept is that you share your room, not necessarily your bed, with another traveller, and cut the costs in half. Mmm … let me give that one a think or two …

Your Home


What about sharing your home? Think about that silly, but moving movie with Jude Law and whatshername? Oh, the blonde chick? Mary? No, that was another movie she was in. Never mind, there is some swapping of homes, and loads of loving and confusion, and well, typical Rom Com drama. But, in the end, the sharing of their homes, or more accurately swapping, ended up with happy sharing, in another format. Airbnb works on this principal, to a degree, whereby you are sharing your home with strangers, for a fee though, but you get the idea.

Your Car


Your car. Most days, if you are not a rep on the road, your car sits in a parking bay from the time you get to work, to the time you leave. A total of 8 technically wasted hours, where your car could be making you money, according to Turo, a US-based car rental company with a difference. The basic principal is that they arrange clients for you that will use your car when you don’t. Sounds simple, and a little risky, right, but there are some ins and outs to arrange, and essentially a great way to share and make some cash.

Uber also has opened up opportunities on a similar vein, whereby you are literally sharing your vehicle, most times a vehicle you purchased for that very purpose, and a designated driver hops around town, giving lifts to strangers for a fee. A portion of the fee, which comes back to you, the owner of the vehicle. I know of some smart Alec’s that have an entire fleet of vehicles using Uber as their medium.

The Shirt Off Your Back


Not quite, but close enough. This is a lovely caring and sharing idea, from a great bunch called People for Good, who got a few Canadian strangers to share a shirt. They invited strangers off the street to wear a two-headed, rather large t-shirt; so arm-in-arm they would march around. Their message, as emblazoned on the shirt was, “The Human Race is a Team Sport”. Watch this cool video for a “feel good moment”.


So, armed with these “halvie” options, I ask you, will you share more often now?