Instagram: The Super App


The History of Instagram

Have you ever considered what could be created if Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter combined?

Before we dive in, here is a little context about Instagram – the super app! October 2010 marked the debut of Instagram, a simple photo-sharing app with no advertising and limited features. Its success was all a matter of time and place. Developers Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger’s strategic decision to focus on the app’s user-friendliness and visual content provided users with an easy, enjoyable, and appealing way to share photos and apply creative filters. Instagram’s launch coincided with the rising popularity of smartphone usage and mobile photography, allowing it to capitalise on this trend. Its 2012 acquisition by Facebook increased its visibility and user base further by utilising Facebook’s vast audience and resources. Adding new features such as Stories and IGTV kept the platform fresh and engaging, attracting even more users and solidifying its status as a leading social media platform.

Deep-dive into Instagram – the super app

Instagram – the super app, is an app that is made for all! It is a versatile platform that provides many content-sharing options to inspire every user and creative to express themselves freely, from static photos and videos to Instagram Stories and Reels or even IGTV (Instagram TV). These features have been inspired by social media giants Snapchat, YouTube, TikTok, and YouTube to enhance Instagram’s usability and enlighten the user’s experience. Therefore, becoming an immediate go-to for casual users, marketers, influencers, content creators, and brands alike.

However, there is more to Instagram – the super app – than content-sharing. Instagram incorporates hashtags and alt text to help boost visibility and accessibility. Hashtags are helpful search tools which enable users to find relevant content and connect with communities of shared interests, enhancing discoverability. Alt text, also known as alternative text, enables users to add captions or descriptions to their photos. They allow those with visual impairment to experience and engage with the content comfortably. Thus, Instagram serves as a safe space for every type of user. Inclusive and diverse.

The introduction of Instagram Threads

Now, Instagram – the super app, has IG Threads! An app that cleverly combines excellent features with a sprinkle of Twitter and Facebook features allows you to post threads, reply to others, and follow profiles that spark your interest. What are threads, you may ask? They are short pieces of text, links, photos, and videos, or any combination of them, which can be seen on Instagram users’ feeds once they choose to follow your IG Threads account.

Innovation, Connection, and Adaptability. The three most significant contributors to Instagram – the super apps’ modern-day success. Throughout the years, Instagram has been able to embrace change by analysing and implementing the latest trends without losing its authenticity. So, whether you are an aspiring or professional creative, or just looking to keep in touch with loved ones… Instagram – the super app, is the place to be!

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