5 Damn Good Reasons you need Content Marketing

A simple reason … in a word … PEOPLE.

Ask yourself this question, “Without people would your business be able to function?”

More than likely the answer would be a resounding, “NO!”

So, how do you bring people to your brand?  How do you get people to engage with your company and buy your product or service?

Another simple answer … CONTENT.

And by content, we mean stuff they can read, stuff that will interest them, engage them, and get them to ultimately have a look at your product or service, and finally purchase the said product or service.

Cue the next step … MARKETING. It is a word bantered about by many a business owner, but few really understand what it entails. For the purposes of this article we are focusing on Content Marketing.

Here are those 5 Damn Good Reasons you need Content Marketing

1. Brand Awareness

Every business has a brand, but the key to making that brand known is by getting it out there to the visual eye. Writing good content that promotes your brand, and what you do, can boost your sales in no time.

2. SEO

(Search Engine Optimisation)
SEO. Yes, get used to these three little letters, because they mean serious business. Ensuring your content is geared to SEO compliancy will equate to the information reaching the right people.

3. Traffic

You want people to buy your product or service, right? And people read, right? (Well, most of them) So, what better way to bring them into your fold by giving them something to read, and not only that, something good to read?  If they like it, they will tell their friends and family, and if their friends and family like it, they will tell others, and so on. Word of mouth is a wonderful concept.

4. Expertise

By bringing professional and insightful content to the world you are showcasing your expertise in your field. And we all know that people want to buy from professionals, someone who doesn’t only walk the walk, but talks it too. The world wants answers. Why do you think they live on Google? And, if you can answer a vital question they have, then you’re half way to making them a regular client.

5. Personal

Nowadays, content is personal. Yes, there are those that want the nitty-gritty, techno-jargonized stuff, but the majority want someone that they can interact with and that will help them in a personal and engaging manner. If you can be their best friend then you’ve made a client for life. Conversational content that connects is crucial to most industry successes.

Now, we ask you, with tears in our eyes, have you assigned a writer to produce that content yet?