5 Benefits to good old-fashioned pen writing

When last have you received or written an actual letter? And by written, I mean written, by hand, on actual paper?

Possibly, in school, scribbling little notes to each other and handing them under the desk? Or, that love note to a boy you fancied?

Today we rarely write anything, bar a few reminders on a notepad that resembles a grocery list, or those non-descript spider crawls during a boring meeting.

Did you know that the physical action of using a pen or pencil to write is both beneficial for our mental and physical well-being?


Well, consider these pointers as to why actual good old-fashioned writing should be part of our daily activities.

5 Benefits to good old-fashioned pen writing

1. Engaging more of our brain power

As a child, in the beginning stages of learning, we are all taught to write and read. It is a worry, though, that at some point our future kids may jump straight to typing and audio books, instead of good old-fashioned pen, paper and printed books.

Studies have shown that those who take notes on paper versus typing them up on a laptop, retain the info much better, and recorded higher scores after tests. We tend to engage more of our brain when using our hand with pen and paper.

2. Less distractions – More Done

Most of us know the types of distractions that digital apparatus can bring – reminders and emails popping up – messages buzzing to be read from platforms and messaging apps – and music playing in the background from your ITunes or similar app. Sitting, with a simple notepad and pen, can help us focus and in the end, get more done.

3. Slow down, stupid!

We live in a fast-paced world. We feel pressured to get more done in record time and we generally end up being less productive because of it. Pen writing forces you to slow down, focus in, and get it right the first time. There is no room for error. There is no spell check. There is no edit function. You need to take your time in writing the words down, and this means slowing down.

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4. Personably Personal

There is no doubt that receiving a written letter or note makes you feel special. You know for sure that the person who sent it really wanted to connect with you and they took their time in doing it. Journal writing has taken a bit of a backseat, at least the physical long-hand writing type. Sure, we blog, but we rarely write just for the sake of writing. From birthday cards to long love letters, they all just feel more personal.

5. Bring on that creative buzz

Most great written works were born from a few scribbles on a napkin or scrap of paper. Yes, we can do something similar on our phones and tablets today, but the true creativity comes from the pen to paper technique. And, it truly is a technique and skill set. One which we have sadly lost and forgotten. If you find that the creative juices are not flowing like you want them to, grab a pen or pencil, a wad of paper, and sit down. You will find, after a few awkward moments, it will all come pouring out.

So, are you ready to give it a try?

Make it a real treat.

Go out to a stationer, buy a notepad of soft, slim proper writing paper, (not the Rotatrim from the printer!) a good pen that feels perfect in your hand, and just write.

I would love to hear or even read what magic flowed from your mind and pen.

Let me know please!