• Why Blogging is the Bomb


    Maybe you blog, maybe you don’t, but perhaps this will get your interest peaked again, or at least get you started.   Blogging can bring endless benefits and we will explore a few of them right here.   #1    RANK HIGHER ON SEARCH ENGINES Stats show that you can increase your chances of being seen […]

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  • Trigger Happy?


      Are we all just looking for that happy ending?  Do we just want to find a story that will lead us to that “… and they lived happily ever after” moment? Really? Why? Orson Welles quipped very smartly, “If you want a happy ending, that depends, of course, on where you stop your story.” […]

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  • Self-Publishing – Easy or Excruciating?

    As with most newbie writers, we not only put our heart, soul and time into writing our stories, but also, once all is said and done, look for the most cost-effective way to publish. Some of us are not so lucky to get that break where a Publisher will take on your novel and run […]

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  • Why I started writing and then some…

    I had a dream. No, seriously, I really had a dream. As cliché as that sounds, it is true. Five years ago, I woke up from a crazy dream and decided to write it all down, a habit I have continued with to date. Initially you would find little pieces of paper scatted on my […]

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